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The Northern Kentucky Bee Keepers Association
We are an organization of beekeeping enthusiasts.  Beekeeping is a centuries old hobby - keeping and caring for honey bees to preserve them for their usefulness in pollinating plants and providing healthy beehive products that include Honey, Propolis, Bees Wax and Pollen.  You may print a .pdf version of our
Brochure Here

And in this ever changing world in which we live in...
Even if you don't (or can't in your locale) keep honeybees, there is a lot that you can do to help preserve and protect this very important part of our environment. "Bee" a part of the solution. There is a lot we can learn from the honeybee. We are here to help. Check out our Learning Center Page.

We are working on updating our website. If you have suggestions or some content please contact our webmaster Craig Wilson craig@wilsonics.com 859-750-4984

What's the Buzz?

Our recent event "Beekeeping 101" on Saturday February 22, 2014 at the Cooperative Extension Service's Enviromental Education Center in Campbell County, KY was one of our most well-attended events in recent history. Thanks to all our participants and presenters.

We had presentations on Beekeeping 101, Hive Construction, Pest Management and much more. Craig passed out coloring books and honey candy and spoke about beginning beekeeping. Jack and James Hunt did a great presentation on putting all the wooden ware together. They had some very effective tools to get the framing done! Melanie discussed those darn hive pests and ways to identify and manage them. Jacob demonstrated tools of the trade and 
Kentucky State apiarist Sean Burgess gave a great presentation covering many aspects of apiculture in our fair state of Kentucky.

It is a tremendous benefit to our local beekeepers to have access to our Kentucky State Apiarist and our Kentucky State Agricultural departments!

And thanks to all our members who attended and helped answer the many questions we all have about the art and science of beekeeping in the modern world.

Our Next Meeting Is...

Our next meeting of The Northern Kentucky Beekeepers association is:

Tuesday, March 4 from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Boone County Cooperative Extension Service.

Our fascinating topic for discussion will be “swarms” lead by Tom Bushelman & Pamela Messer.

It is open to the public. Refreshments will be provided by the association members. It's a chance to meet and greet with some well-seasoned beekeepers and our newbees. You don't have to join the club to attend. We encourage all in our community to take part in learning about the art and science of beekeeping in our modern world.

The Boone County Extension Office is easy to find but be careful, there is a lot of construction and you can't turn left out to Camp Ernst Road (if I remember correctly).Just get there a little early if you can, we'll be there. Anyway, here's the directions to the meeting:

Tuesday, March 4 from 6:30pm-8:30pm 
Boone County Cooperative Extension Service
6028 Camp Ernst Road
Burlington, Kentucky 41005
Phone: (859) 586-6101

Please visit our
CALENDAR Page to view upcoming events and Beekeeper Meetings. All meetings are open to the public.

Click here for our meeting notes archive.

 Have A Swarm?

If you have a swarm of honeybees, you can call us. We will be glad to help you. 

We have a list of members that can respond quickly to "hive" a swarm. Call Rita Bushelman at 859-586-6641 or just scroll down this page to find a list of members that are willing to help.

Swarming Season is around April and May! (Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.)

  As spring begins to arrive, a vigorous, healthy colony of honey bees - whether from a hive, a tree or your home -may likely swarm as nature's way of continuing their genetic line.  A swarm is docile, not to be feared and it has incredible energy to produce comb and brood and honey.  The swarm can be spotted in unlikely locales from backyards to industrial areas.

Honeybees have had to battle a lot of environmental factors and pests, more so over the last decade. Fortunately, a lot of good folks are interested in doing what they can to help save the honeybee and other pollinators.

The Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Association is committed to assisting in preserving and encouraging the honey bee population.  We respectfully request that you contact us if you are the proud recipient of a swarm and would like one of our beekeepers to remove it and add it to their apiary.

Never underestimate the value of the honey bee for pollination, honey, wax and other hive commodities that are used in everyday products. And we should never underestimate that when a very important species is falling into rapid decline we should take notice. Even if you don't keep honeybees, you can do a lot to help them survive.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

March 4 @ Boone County topic for discussion will be “swarms” lead by Tom Bushelman & Pamela Messer
April 1 @ CC library topic for discussion will be “queens” lead by Jack Hunt
May 6 @ Boone County topic for discussion will be “extraction” lead by Carl Knochelmann + a demonstration of the club extractor.
June 3 @ location to be determined.  We plan to open a hive and observe and question the hive activity.
July 1 @ Boone County  (hopefully a guest speaker)
September is traditional the club picnic
October 7 @ CC library topic for discussion will be “closing down the hive” lead by Jake Robholz
November 4 @ Boone County topic for discussion will be “hive by-products” other than honey.  (yes, this is election day however the polls close at 6:30 and the extension office is open.)

Local Honey and Local Suppliers:
If you are a local supplier and want on our list, please let us know!

Tom Bushelman & Pamela Messer of Waller Holler Honey still have Raw Honey for Sale from their 2013 Summer Harvest from the Verona, KY area.
Please call:  859-991-5197 or 859-689-7789

Association Beekeepers to serve you...

President: Jacob Rebholz 859-620-2273 jacob.rebholz@yahoo.com

Vice President: Tonia Spille toniaspille@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Melanie Derrick

Secretary: Anna Gurley awgurley@gmail.com

Member at Large: Carl Knochelmann carlk@fuse.net

Webmaster: Craig Wilson craig@wilsonics.com

Here is a list of Members who are available to retrieve swarms.  Please feel free to call them!

Rita Bushelman

Craig Wilson

Brenda Gluck

Art Baler

859-750-4984 or 859-282-1158





Matt Birkley 743-4292 Campbell
Tom Bushelman 859-743-2424 NKY
Anna Gurley 750-6417 Kenton
Tyson Hermes 992-2470 Kenton/Boone
Jack Hunt 620-3174 50 mile radius of Union
Mike Janicki 356-7544 or 760-1975 Boone/Kenton/Campbell
Carl Knochelmann 982-0097 Kenton/Campbell
Richard Lohre 331-9429 or 750-1908 Boone/Kenton/Campbell
John Mallery 513-600-1857 Campbell after 6p.
Pamela Messer 859-991-5197 NKY
Stacie & Luke Meyer 654-1530 or 620-8221 Pendleton & surrounding area
Carol Moyer 356-8818 Kenton
Robin O’Conner 640-2865 Kenton (northern) eveining
Jacob Rebholz 620-2273 Kenton/Campbell
Greg Schneider 380-2386 Villa Hills area/Kenton
Ken Steidle 816-9440 Boone/Kenton/Campbell
Steve Wolfe 991-6395 NKY

You may also contact your local COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE for help in producing healthy crops for your honey bees to forage.

 Boone County


 Campbell County


 Kenton County







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