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The Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Association
We are an organization of beekeeping enthusiasts.  Beekeeping is a centuries old hobby - keeping and caring for honey bees to preserve them for their usefulness in pollinating plants and providing healthy beehive products that include honey, propolis, bees wax and pollen. 
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Even if you don't keep honeybees, there is a lot you can do to help preserve and protect. "Bee" a part of the solution as there is a lot we can learn from the honeybee.
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Next Meeting:

Tuesday February 2nd 6:30-8:30pm at the 
Boone County
Extension Office

Meeting Topic:
Bees- where & how to get them to start a hive, different types of bees, queen breeders

Please visit our CALENDAR Page to view upcoming meetings and events.

All meetings are free and open to the public.

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 Have A Swarm?

If you have a swarm of honeybees, give us a call. We will be glad to help!

We have a list of members that can respond quickly to help capture a swarm.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a member in your area.

Swarming Season is around April and May! (Sometimes earlier, sometimes later)

  As spring begins to arrive, a vigorous, healthy colony of honey bees - whether from a hive, a tree or your home -may likely swarm as nature's way of continuing their genetic line.  A swarm is docile, not to be feared and it has incredible energy to produce comb and brood and honey.  The swarm can be spotted in unlikely locales from backyards to industrial areas.

Honeybees have had to battle a lot of environmental factors and pests, more so over the last decade. Fortunately, a lot of good folks are interested in doing what they can to help save the honeybee and other pollinators.

The Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Association is committed to assisting in preserving and encouraging the honey bee population.  We respectfully request that you please do not spray the bees. Contact us if you have a swarm and would like one of our beekeepers to remove it and add it to their apiary.

Never underestimate the value of the honey bee for pollination, honey, wax and other hive commodities that are used in everyday products. And we should never underestimate that when a very important species is falling into rapid decline we should take notice. Even if you don't keep honeybees, you can do a lot to help them survive.

Local Honey & Local Suppliers:
If you are a local supplier and want on our list, let us know!

2015 NKYBA Officers

President: Stacie Meyer staciemeyer@gmail.com

Vice President: Anna Gurley awgurley@gmail.com

Secretary: Melanie e. Derrick mel_derrick@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Tonia Spille: toniaspille@yahoo.com

Member at Large: Carl Knochelmann carlk@fuse.net

  NKYBA Members' Honeybee Swarm List Contacts

Baird, Roger 859-472-3450 Pendleton/Bracken
Bushelman, Rita            859-586-6641 NKY
Caldwell, Charles           859 835-1942 Campbell
Feltner, Bill                        859-620-0563 Pendleton/Bracken
Gluck, Brenda          859-242-2420 Bracken
Gurley, Anna          859-750-6417 Kenton
Janicki, Mike & Carolyn   859-356-7574 NKY
Hunt, Jack 859-620-3174 Boone (50 mile radius)
Kerr, John                          513-608-9013 Kenton
Knochelmann, Carl         859-466-5700 Kenton/Campbell
Kreutzjans, Michelle       859-344-1421 Kenton
Mallery, John                513-600-1857 NKY
Marzano, Brian             859-468-1138 Campbell
Messer, Pamela             859-991-5197 Boone
Meyer, Stacie & Luke     859-654-1330 Pendleton 859-620-8228/859-620-8208

Montoure, Pete             859-363-7113 NKY
Moyer, Michael              859-802-5903 NKY
Newman, Bob                859-240-4871 Campbell
O'Connor, Robin                 859-640-2865 Boone
Rebholz, Jacob           859-620-2273 Campbell
Rice, Jay 859-331-9695 Kenton c: 859-802-3236
Schultz, Earl           859-635-9158 Campbell/Alexandria
Spille, Tonia           859-393-4571 Boone/Kenton
Wolfe, Steve                      859-991-6395  Boone



You may also contact your local Cooperative Extension Office for information on healthy crops for your honey bees to forage.

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 Campbell County


 Kenton County








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2014 Farm Bill Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)
November 4, 2015, Boone County Extension Service, 6028 Camp Ernst Rd.,  Burlington, KY  41005
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